Rental conditions:
Arrival and departure times rental units
Arrival / key delivery from kl. 15.00 Departure / key delivery no later than 11.00. If you do the cleaning yourself, departure is not until kl. 12
Arrival and departure times for pitches and tent pitches
Arrival from kl. 14.00
Departure no later than 12.00
Note: If you arrive outside our opening hours, you can always check in via our self-check-in (not rental units) or via the hotline 20269552 until 23.00. You are also always welcome to contact the reception, and we will prepare arrival material for you. See current opening hours here.
Note! The reservation may be canceled if you do not arrive on the arrival date and no other arrangement has been arranged.
Equipment in the rental units
All rental units have duvets and pillows as well as garden furniture and barbecue. The units with kitchen are equipped with various kitchen accessories. The cabins have flat screen TVs.
All power outlets have 10-16 amps with CEE connectors.
Tent pitches without electricity are located in an open unnumbered green area.
Checklist for rental units
• You must bring your own bed linen, towels, tea towels, dishcloths, soap, toilet paper and dishwashing liquid for the rental units with dishwasher. Note! It is not allowed to use pillows, duvets etc. without using bed linen. We reserve the right to charge a fee for washing these if it is found that this has taken place.
• Pets are not allowed in the rental units unless a special unit has been booked for this.
• Smoking is not allowed in any rental unit or any other buildings. If we discover that you have been smoking in a rental unit, the tenant may be required to pay an amount for any additional cleaning.
• Final cleaning can be purchased, but dishwashing, emptying of any. dishwasher, barbeque and general tidying up inside and out must always be done by the guest.
Consumption costs
The price includes, 4 kWh electricity, environmental fee, hot water in the kitchen and bathroom as well as free entrance in the pool area during its opening period. Note: Electric cars may only be charged at the Spririi charging stations, payment will be made directly to Spirii via an app. 
General rules for Camp Hverringe:
Tenant is obliged to comply with the provisions of the camping regulations. There must be calm at the campsite between 23.00-07.00 Only one car may be parked at each unit, for boats bigger than 10 feet a parkingspace must be booked separately.
Visitors at Camp Hverringe, must park in the guest car park, as well as announce their arrival at the reception and pay the day ticket. Non-paying visitors are expelled immediately.
General conditions in connection with the purchase of accommodation at Camp Hverringe
§ 1 Participants / application
The rental unit may not be occupied or used by more people than the number of people entered when booking, which includes children. An agreement about more visitors than stated when booking must be made with reception.
Dogs must be registred and invoiced.
§ 2 Cleaning and damage
The tenant is obliged to clean the rented property and must leave this in tidy condition at the end of the lease. Waste in waste containers, linen is put on the floor, refrigerator and freezer are emptied and wiped, dishes are washed up and put in place, Barbeque is emptied and cleaned. Bulky waste must be disposed of by the tenant himself. Oven and stove are cleaned after use, doors and windows are closed, all furniture and tableware are in the rental unit as on arrival. If you choose to clean yourself, departure is not until 12. Tenant is also obligated to compensate all self-inflicted damages. Should any damage occur, the tenant is obliged to notify the Reception immediately. Landlord reserves the right to forward invoice in case of damage, lost furniture or general default. If any keys to the rental unit are lost, a fee of DKK 500.00 will be paid before departure.
§ 3 Complaints
Complaints in connection with the stay must be notified immediately to the Reception.
§ 4 § 4 Payment conditions
25 % of the amount should be paid within 4 days after reservation.
The rest of the amount is to be paid 28 days before arrival at the latest.
Bookings made later than 28 days before arrival, is to be paid immediately.
Remember that you can pay online by using your customer number and booking number click [@LINK(here,,target=”_blank”)]please.
Please notice: If you do not pay in time, we have the right to cancel your booking without any notice.
§5 Cancellation, right of withdrawal, changes, cancellation and refund
We offer 3 different cancellation options. You can choose between basic, standard or flex. The choice must be made at the latest 7 days from the moment of booking. In case there is less than 7 days to arrival, it is not possible to buy a cancellation package. Changing a booking means cancellation, change of accommodation type or the dates of your stay, deducting the no. of guests or cancelling additional purchases. We would like to point out that standard and flex is a dynamic service which is calculated according to the total amount for your stay.
Opting out of the cancellation package: If you do not purchase a cancellation package, you do not have the option to change your booking, except for the number of people or moving the booking by a day or two, where the total amount does not change. You are obliged to pay the full amount for the stay, even if you cancel.
Basic cancellation package: Here you get the opportunity to change the type of accommodation or move the booking to completely different dates. If you do not have a specific date to which you want to move your stay, with the Basic cancellation package you have the opportunity to leave the money and then use it at a later time in the current year. The money cannot be paid out and can only be used to pay for another stay in the current year. An additional administration fee of DKK 250 is deducted when a new booking is made from the remaining money. The basic package cannot be ordered for seasonal pitches. The package costs DKK 100
Standard cancellation package: With standard, you can also change or cancel up to 30 days before arrival. However, we point out that there is an administration fee of DKK 150 per change/cancellation, per booking. Changes to the stay can only be made by telephone or in writing and are only valid from the day it is received by the reception. The price of the standard cancellation package is NOT refunded in case of change or cancellation. In case of cancellation with less than 30 days to arrival, no refund will be made however, it will be possible to leave the money in your account and then use it at a later time in the current year. The money cannot be returned and can only be used to pay for a new stay in the current year. The standard package cannot be ordered for seasonal pitches. The package costs 10% of the total booking price.
Flex cancellation package: With Flex, you can change and cancel completely until 12.00 the day before arrival. However, we point out that there is an administration fee of DKK 150 per change/cancellation, per booking. Changes to the stay can be made by telephone or in writing and are only valid from the day the reception receives them. The price of the Flex package is not refundable in case of change or cancellation. The Flex package cannot be ordered for seasonal pitches. The package costs 15% of the total booking price.
What applies if you want to interrupt your stay? If you have started your stay and you have to interrupt it for some reason, no money will be refunded, regardless of whether you have opted for standard or flex. Here, we instead recommend checking whether your own travel insurance covers it.
During the stay: In the event of acute illness, accident or death in the immediate family, you should be aware of being covered by your private travel insurance. Our Cancellation Protection does NOT cover if you have to interrupt your stay.
Right of withdrawal and refund: We point out that your booking is not covered by the Consumer Contracts Act’s rules on the right of cancellation. The sale of overnight accommodation (cottages, holiday homes, camping etc.) is covered by a special exception provision in the Consumer Contracts Act § 18 subsection 2 no. 12. The booking made is thus not covered by a 14-day right of cancellation.
§  6 Energy Fee
We reseve the rigth to change the energy fee
§ 7 Force majeure
The lease can be terminated without notice by Camp Hverringe due to force majeure, volcanic eruptions, (natural) disasters, fire, war and acts of hostility, hostilities or any local or national emergency, invasion, compliance with orders or requests from national or provincial authorities, port authorities or other public authorities, government regulations or interventions, military operations, civil war or terrorism, (biological, chemical or nuclear) explosion, riot, riot, insurrection, strike, civil disobedience (or significant or significant threat or justified fear of any of the aforementioned events), epidemic diseases, restriction of transport facilities, closure of airports or any other extraordinary and catastrophic event, circumstance or emergency that makes it impossible or illegal for guests or prevents guests from traveling to or staying at the accommodation.
§ 8 Communication and marketing
Tenant’s contact information is confidential and will not be passed on to others. Camp Hverringe may use your contact information to market relevant offers and services via e-mail and SMS. You have at any time the option to opt out of receiving information from Camp Hverringe by sending an email to
§ 9 Due to the Corona situation, there are various restrictions on the site, which must be complied with. Violation of these can lead to expulsion. The restrictions may also mean that some activities and facilities are closed. As we are not in control of the situation, this will not give the right to rejection or compensation and it will be the general cancellation conditions that apply and therefore we recommend that you take out a LUX cancellation protection or check with your insurance company how you are.
§ 10 Youth groups Age limit of at least 20 years for groups from / on 3 people and up. This of course does not apply to young people who are on holiday with their parents / family or 2 young people who want to rent something together. By prior agreement with Camp Hverringe, special agreements can be made for groups under 20 years, this is done by direct contact to the reception. Inspection visits may occur. §10 Printing error Subject to any. image and printing errors.
§ 11 Insects / small animals Camp Hverringe draws special attention to the fact that the campsite is located in a nature area. Of course, insects and other small animals can occur. This is a natural part of the campsite’s surroundings and therefore nothing Camp Hverringe can do anything about. Should an extreme insect infestation occur in the rental unit, or on the rented space, please contact Camp Hverringe and we will do our best to help. 
§ 12 Energy surcharge
In case of rising energy prices, Camp Hverringe reserves the right to add an energy surcharge to all bookings