Current information on COVID-19, updated July 10th, 2020

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Please note that due to the Corona situation, there are various restrictions on the campsite that must be observed. Violation of these can lead to expulsion. The restrictions may also mean that some activities and facilities are closed. As we are not in control of the restrictions, this will not give you the right to compensation or cancellation, and it will be the general cancellation terms that apply and therefore we recommend that you take out a LUX cancellation protection or check with your insurance company how you are covered.


Because og the Corona situation, the camp site may not look quite like it normally does and some activities may be changed og canelled. At the moment the only facilities we have open are bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. All other amenities such as the store and the activity rooms are closed.


General information


Here at Camp Hverringe we take the Coronasmite very seriously and comply with all the instructions given by the authorities.
Through our industry organization we are constantly in dialogue with the authorities and based on that and the police guidelines, campsites may be allowed to stay open just following the instructions of the authorities. 
According to the authorities, common areas must be closed, however, kitchens, toilets and bathing facilities may be open if different rules are observed. We provide a thorough cleaning, but we also expect guests to take responsibility themselves and do their bit to minimize the spread of infection. We recommend that you use the facilities in your own carvan as much as possible and use the campsite's buildings as little as possible. The campsite provide hand sanitizer and the like, to a limited extent and therefore please bring protective equipment such as sanitizer and gloves from home. There will be rules around the site that we expect you to follow.
When using the service buildings and outdoor areas, the following must be observed:
- Keep 2-3 meters apart
- Parents are expected to supervise / be responsible for their children at all times
- Remember to always use protective equipment (hand wash / hand sanitizer / gloves / paper)
Please note that the authorities may impose fines on both the campsite and individuals in case the rules are not complied with.
If you feel ill or is under quarantine, we expect you to comply with the recommendations of the National Board of Health, which currently provides that you stay home for at least 14 days. If you are uncertain or at risk, you must of course take your own precautions and reservations.
All rejoicing and greeting of neighbors must take place at 2-3 m distance and we expect parents to supervise their children and ensure thorough hand hygiene in connection with visits to the playground, animal areas and other places.
We reserve the right to promptly expel guests who exhibit inappropriate behavior. As we regularly follow the announcements from the authorities, there may be updates on an ongoing basis.
We hope for your understanding and expact everyone to take care of yourself and each other. We are looking forward to seeing you.
Please note that the general cancellation policy applies, so we recommend you take out some cancellation protection when booking, or check how you are covered by your insurance policies.
Information from the authorities is as follows:
Of course, we are constantly following the development. Source: if-you-your business owner
Can campsites and holiday centers stay open?
Yes, the legislation does not prevent the rental of pitches and cabins, but related activities such as playground, water park, restaurant and common room must be kept closed.
In addition, our association has received the following answers from the National Police yesterday after the press conference:
The National Police have informed us that the following are communicated to the police districts:
We prefer to call or write if you have any questions.
Tighter rules due to COVID-19
The most important rule is that under no circumstances should you enter the Campsite if you feel sick or if you are quarantined. This is the case even if you only want to be in your own caravan.
Parents are responsible for their children's behavior at all times and for their compliance with all applicable rules, so please keep an eye on your children.
Use of shared bath and toilets. An area with ​​stricter rules
- We recommend that you use the facilities in your own carriage as far as possible
- If the common areas are used, it is extra important that there is a lot of focus on hygiene
-  Please wash your hands before entering the room
- If everything is busy, wait outside the building until someone goes out.
- Keep at least 2 m distance
- Do not touch handles and taps after washing, use a piece of paper
- Touch as little as possible
Use of water taps. An area with ​​stricter rules
- Under no circumstances drink directly from the water taps
- Parents are responsible for children not using the water posts
- Take extra care with hygiene
- Wear gloves (new ones that have not touched anything else)
- Do not use water taps as wash basins
(Incidentally, they never should, since there is no drain on them)
- We refer to our kitchens to do the dishes, if you cannot do it in your own carravan
- The waste water from the caravan must always be poured into the drain in the specified toilet casset area
Use of kitchens. An area with ​​stricter rules
- Pay extra attention to hygiene
- Wash hands before and after washing
- Under no circumstances should drinking directly from the taps
- Parents are responsible for children not using the taps
- We recommend that the common sinks are only used for washing dishes, cooking is done in our own carriage
Use of drain for toiletcassets. An area with ​​stricter rules
- Pay extra attention to hygiene
- Wash hands before and after emptying
- Under no circumstances to be used as drinking water
- Parents are responsible for children not using the taps
Using the CamperClean. An area with ​​stricter rules
- Pay extra attention to hygiene
- Wash hands before and after using the CamperClean
Use of playground. An area with ​​stricter rules
- There must be at least 1 meter distance between those staying in the playground, however, do not apply to members of the same household
- Parents are responsible for their children's behavior at all times
- Be extra careful with hygiene and make sure your hands are thoroughly washed after using the playground
Please note that the authorities may issue fines to both the campsite and individuals if the rules are not followed. If you do not follow the rules and the guidelines laid down by the authorities are not complied with, we unfortunately have to expel the person, as otherwise the campsite may have to close


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