Since the Danish weather can be capricious, it is sometimes useful to examine what is going on inside and around Camp Hverringe. And fortunately, the area offers a wealth of exciting opportunities.

The small fishermans village Kerteminde lies at a distance of 9 km and offers a visit to the popular Fjord & Belt Centre and the small local Viking museum in Ladby.

Nyborg and Odense are located at a driving distance of approx. 30 min. Nyborg used to be the recidence town for the kings of old and Nyborg Castle is through out the year host to many medival events.

Odense is the birthplace of the most famous Dane, the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. You can visit several places associated with the writer. Odense also boasts one of the best small Zoo's in Europe, a Railway Museum and a divers art museum.

If you do not mind a drive of 45 min. you can visit the largest turistattraction on Funen. Egeskov Castle, is a very well preserved castle, buildt om oakpillars in a moat. On the grounds you will find one of the best preserved gardens in Europe, complete with mazes. If that is not for you, you can visit the large exhibition of cars and motorbikes, or the the old agricultural museum. You can also visit one of the largest Kompan playgrounds in Europe, go treetop walking or see one of the most beautiful doll houses in the world, complete with crystal chandeliers and antique furniture. 


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